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Teal Simba

Plug In Air Purifier Mini Eliminator Freshener Air Cleaner

Plug In Air Purifier Mini Eliminator Freshener Air Cleaner

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Plug-in air purifiers just need 3-4 min to capture common household odors, pet odors, and volatile organic compounds. Operates at a whisper-quiet level to contribute to a peaceful sleeping environment. Recommended for spaces around 40-60 Square meters, so it's great for home offices or bedrooms.
[High-Efficiency]The air purifiers can circulate room air over many times per hour to achieve rapid purification.
[Useful]Air purifier capture 99. 7% of 0. 3-micron particles or larger, including pollen, dust, smoke, and dander.
[Practical]It guards your kids against pets hair and pet dander, allows all your family members to breathe pure air.
[Low Noise]Designed on the base of the principle of hydrokinetics to operate below 40dB which will not affect your sleep or your work.
[Great Gift]The air purifier makes a great and valuable gift for your friends and family.
Color: White;Green;Pink;Black
Plug Type: US Plug;EU Plug
Material: ABS
Style: Modern
Negative ion concentration: 20 million
Applicable area: 40-60 Square meters
Occasion: Kitchen, Bathroom, Hotel, Office, etc
Package Size: 11.7*6*4.5cm / 4.6*2.36*1.77inch
Package Weight: 75g / 0.16lb
Package List:
1 * Air Purifier

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Customer Reviews

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Leroy Williams
Definitely needed

Back in my day, we didn't have fancy machines to purify the air. We just opened a window and yelled, "Out, damn stench!" But times have changed, and if your high protein diet is making the air in your house smell like a locker room, then maybe it's time to consider the Plug In Air Purifier Mini Eliminator Freshener Air Cleaner.

Now, I'm not one for these newfangled gadgets, but this little device fits right into any outlet and eliminates all kinds of nasty odors and airborne pollutants. Plus, it's small enough to carry from room to room, so you can take it with you when you're lounging in your man-cave or working in your home office.

With the Plug In Air Purifier Mini Eliminator Freshener Air Cleaner, you can say goodbye to funky smells and hello to fresh air that won't make you gag. Trust me, your nostrils will thank you.